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Step 1: Refer our service.

Post your affiliate link with a recommendation of our service wherever you want.


Don't know what to say exactly? We'll send you a template email that you can then forward to your colleagues without changing anything (of course you are welcome to customize it).

Step 2: Someone clicks your link.

Once the link is clicked, we track your lead for 63 days and if the user pays for any subscription/access to our site for the first time, you get credit for a successful referral.

Step 3: You get rewarded.

If a referral leads to a paid subscription/access to our site for a new user within the 63 days of clicking on the referral link, you get credited with a successful referral.

Here is a list of our current rewards:

1 Month Extended AccessFor every referral resulting in a new paid subscription/access to our site.
Bonus 2 Month Extended AccessWhen referrals result in 20 new paid subscriptions/access to our site.

It's really that simple, so what are you waiting for?


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